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War of the Hotties: It's Asin vs Zarine Khan vs Jacqueline


War of the Hotties: It`s Asin vs Zarine Khan vs Jacqueline

We’re heard this one before. When two leading ladies come together in a film there’s no love lost, right? But what happens when three leading ladies get together?

There is an instant territorial war. So the two Sajids, producer Nadiadwala and his director Khan, have discovered on location in Petersborough in England for Housefull 2.

According to a source the sense of rivalry among the three heroines Asin, Zarine Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez is so palpable it has all the men on location cheering the ladies on to give their best.

The three ladies have a history with one another.

Says the source, “Asin and Zarine are Salman’s protégées. Their competitive spirit got a further edge when Zarine was given the Character dheela item song by Salman in Ready.jacqueline
Though Asin was super- cool about the itemized intervention, arguing that she had her own Dhinka chika number in Ready, Zarina has been strutting around like the new star-attraction on location in the UK even since she joined the Housefull 2 unit last week.

Similingly polite Asin chooses to remain aloof from the Zarine factor. ”

Jacqueline of course is the new Murder girl. The Bhatts have convinced the Alladdin Barbie doll that she’s the next Mallika Sherawat.

Along with the attitude of a star-in-the-making Jacqueline apparently gets along with the Housefull 2 director Sajid Khan like a house (and a director) on fire.

Says the source, “Though Jacqueline is not playing the nose-in-the-air diva on location there’s definitely a sense of haughtiness about her. And why would Asin, a major star in the South with two blockbusters in Hindi tolerate any attitude?”

Into the simmering cauldron of competitiveness arrived choreographer Farah Khan this week to shoot a song featuring all the three heroines.

And Farah is dreading it.

Says a source, “It’s bad enough handling dance steps of two leading ladies. But three?? Asin is an expert dancer and she is opposite the biggest star of the film (Akshay). So she’d be within her rights to expect the best steps.

On the other hand Zarine, Salman’s blue-eyed babe thinks she’s the hottest item girl after Character dheela. Unka to haq banta hai.

Jacqueline of course is the new ‘It’ girl and therefore a star in her own right. besides she shot Apni to aise taise with Farah for the two Sajids’ Housefull. ”

Given the circumstances Farah is understandably nervous.

zarine khan“Yes I’m in London to shoot a number with the three girls and their three heroes. Doing a song with two heroes and two heroines in Housefull was grueling enough. Here I’ll have to sambhalo three pairs.

And during the song the pairs get inter-changed also. It’s quite a challenge. Lekin kya karoon? I can’t say no to the two Sajids in my life.

One is my brother. The other is my brother and my husband’s producer and also like my brother. Main to phans gayi. ”

Watch out for fireworks when the teen divas hot-foot it for Farah. Wonder how Nanda, Simi Garewal and Kalpana Kartik shot Teen Deviyan without their leading man Dev Anand losing all his hair.
This War Of The hottis
Source:-from Santabanta


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