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Katrina Kaif finds new buddy in Bollywood

katrina and ali zafar in mere brother ki dulhan
katrina kaif and ali zafar

katrina and ali zafar in mere brother ki dulhan
Katrina kaif and Ali Zafar Photo

Actors bonding on the sets are not a new phenomenon, but very few manage to maintain their friendship beyond their shooting schedule.
But despite all odds, actor Katrina Kaif and her co-star Ali Zafar have managed to forge and maintain their friendship well beyond their shoots. Apparently the two hit it off pretty well on the sets of their latest film together, and are now good friends even off the sets.
Katrina who is generally an easy going person on the sets, had earlier spoke about the difficulties in maintaining friendship in Bollywood.
The actor had said, “It becomes very difficult to have the same set of people around, as you are constantly on the move. Doing a film takes up so much of your time. When you do a film you get involved in it. For the next three months that unit becomes your family and then once the film wraps up, that world ends. Yes you do make friends, but sometimes that changes as well.”
While she still relies on actor Salman Khan and turns to him for advice, it seems like Kat has found a new BFF in Ali and the duo has managed to keep in touch even post their film.
A source close to Ali says, “Ali treats Kat like a younger sister. He looks after her and makes sure that she is well taken care of. His wife too is very fond of Katrina and looks forward to meeting her.”
Recently, Ali threw a party after the film’s success and invited the entire cast and crew. Katrina was obviously on the list but she had to leave for Dublin on the same day and wasn’t sure if she would be able to attend the party.
“Katrina was to fly to Dublin that same night. But, since Ali had made a special request, she came to the party for a while. Ali, who was very happy to have her around sang a song dedicating it to Kat, before she left. She in turn had a big smile on her face all through the party. They both have now become very close and are almost like family to each other,” the source further adds.
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